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группа Little Feat, Аккорды песни Voices On The Wind

Группа: Little Feat - другие аккорды (4)
Аккорды песни: Voices On The Wind
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From:   Tal Hurley [TalHurley@webtv.net]
Sent:   Wednesday, December 10, 1997 5:09 PM
Subject:        Voices on the Wind  by Little Feat

(Title: Voices on the Wind)
(Performed by Little Feat)
(Written by Paul Barrere, Bill Payne, Craig  Fuller, and Fred Tackett)
(on the cd  Let It Roll)

D                               G A
Standing by the ocean 
Watch it tear away the shore
D                                    G A
Glide out upon the desert
The horizon is the door
D                                                 G A
And though your voice is shouting
Above the wind it can't be heard
D                                   G A
Drop all sense of reason
It's there you'll find your worth
     F                                G  
     And though you are surrounded
     C                         F 
     Feeling quite alone
                     Dm       A#           C     G  D      There's a
light to guide you home

If you stand with your face
 To the wind off the water
At the point of land's end
Where the ocean begins
Look to the memory
Of the ones gone before
         A                   D
The light and the meaning of
          E                    A    G  D
The Voices on the Wind.

Searching for safe passage
As you knock on every door
You still can hear the howling 
Of the mongrel dogs of war
You call out for some comfort
Seeking shelter from the night
A raging rain's upon you
Feeling tired of the fight
    And though you are surrounded
      Feeling quite alone
    There's a light to guide you home


Their words carry over water
And fall back down to earth
What follows is the silence
As you contemplate their worth
A vision comes before you
But the meaning's still unclear
Standing at the threshold
As you watch it disappear
    And though you are surrounded 
      Feeling quite alone
    There's a light to guide you home


(all comments and corrections are welcomed at the address below)

Tal Hurley


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