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группа Lightfoot Gordon, Аккорды песни Your Loves Return

Группа: Lightfoot Gordon - другие аккорды (21)
Аккорды песни: Your Loves Return
Просмотров: 1314

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Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 13:33:02 -0800
From: Tal Hurley 
To: guitar@olga.net, acoustic@olga.net
Subject: Fwd: Your Love's Return by Gordon Lightfoot

{title: Your Love's Return (song for
         Stephen Foster)}
{written by Gordon Lightfoot}

D                               E
Come to the door my pretty one
Gm                            D
Put on you rings and precious things
D                               Em              Esus
Hide all your tears as best you can
E7                          A
Try to recall what we once had
       D          D7                   G     Gsus  G
     Roses are waiting for dewdrops to fall
       D                  D7            G   Gsus  G 
     Climbing your windows and walls
       Gm                               D          E
     Bells in the steeple are ringing, singing
        G               F
     Listen to them talk about  
     Your Love's Return

Let me come in my pretty one
And try to undo what I have done
For I must be forgiven now
I will not lose what I have won
    Roses are waiting for dewdrops to fall
    Climbing your windows and walls
    Leaves in the garden are falling, calling
    Listen to them talk about 
    Your Love's Return
Open the door my pretty one
Wake from your sleep and take me home
Open your eyes and look my way
I cannot leave your love alone
    (chorus same as first)

(All corrections or suggestions welcomed at dgtalji@hotmail.com or
address below)

Tal Hurley


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