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группа Lightning Seeds, Аккорды песни Thinking Up Looking Downo

Группа: Lightning Seeds - другие аккорды (23)
Аккорды песни: Thinking Up Looking Downo
Просмотров: 1614

THE LIGHTNING SEEDS:  Thinking Up Looking Down

E	    A	    F#m
In all your life to treasure there
E		 A			   B		G#m
There's precious times and times when it's hard to care
And they touch you with that magic touch
And you shine

You've shed that skin, it's lying there
Where are you now?  I hope it's heaven there

   E		      A			   B
So hold on tight, and dry those eyes,  and never cry
'Cause in this world you're upside down when you first come 'round
In this world you're upside down when you first come 'round
In this world we're upside down when we first come 'round
But even when good seems bad keep trying to understand
That maybe with God on hand, we might make it
Tim Villa                                                tvilla@uniwa.uwa.edu.au
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