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группа Level 42, Аккорды песни Seven Years

Группа: Level 42 - другие аккорды (2)
Аккорды песни: Seven Years
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"Seven Years"
Level 42
>From the album "Guaranteed"
Words and Music by Mark King
Intro chords:
E       DMaj7  C#7     F#m
There's thunder rolling in your eyes
It's raining in your heart
What lies around the corner
You have seen a hundred times
         E                                            A
But you never thought anyting like it would happen to you
Baby's gone
He walked out on you
F#m               DMaj7
Seven years have come and gone
C#7               F#m
All that time for you
        F#m                  DMaj7
And now both our hearts must beat the drum
C#7            F#m
To a different tune
E    DMaj7             C#7  F#m
Send all those dreams away baby
You can lose yourself in yourself
Hurt yourself a little more
Turn the key and hate the boy
Forget a soul in distress, leave the real world to others
E                                         A
That's not the way he's coming back ever again
Baby's gone
Now what are you gonna do
(Repeat Chorus)
Em           F
Each time I see a love, a love that's dying
G                              F
I know what I would do, I know what I would do
    Em        F
But you can't see cos your heart's in the way
Girl you're blinded
G                                 F
And it's hurting so bad, and it's hurting so bad
    Em            F
But he's so gone, gone away and you can't find him
G                              F
Was there ever a day, just one day you were happy
  Em   F
Believe in the power of love, everlasting
G                              F
To the end of all time, to the end of all time
E       DMaj7   C#7     F#m
E                                 A
In a funny way I don't feel sorry getting what you served
Just you remember very well the lessons you have learned
         F#m                    DMaj7
And it's August now, your seven years are gone
C#7           F#m
All that time for you
E    DMaj7             C#7  F#m
Send all those dreams away baby ...(repeat)


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