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группа John Lennon, Аккорды песни Woman

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Аккорды песни: Woman
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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
From: yira@news.dorsai.org (victor perez)
Date: Fri, 7 Jul 1995 21:33:40 GMT

                       John Lennon

   by: Victor C. Perez

   intro: 4/4    |:Ebsus4   Eb| Ab/Eb  Eb :|

    Eb    Fm7        Eb/G           Fm7
   Woman,     I can hardly express
   Eb         Cm             Fm        Bbsus4  Bb
   my mixed emotions at my thoughtlessness.
    Ab   Fm7         Gm            Bbsus4   B
   After all, I'm forever in your debt.
        Eb   Fm7        Eb/G      Fm7
   And woman,    I will try to express
   Eb        Cm           Fm      Bbsus4  B
   my inner feelings and thankfulness
   Ab          Fm7      Gm           Bbsus4   B
   for showing me the meaning of success______.


   Ebmaj9    Cm7           Fm7                 Bb6
   Ooh,_____________ well,well    Doo doo doo  doo doo.

    Eb    Fm7             Eb/G   Fm7
   Woman,      I know you understand
    Eb          Cm        Fm           Bbsus4   B
   the little children inside the man.
     Ab      Fm7        Gm              Bbsus4  B
   Please remember, my life is in your hands.
         Eb   Fm7         Eb/G           Fm7
   And woman,     hold me close to your heart.
    Eb       Cm            Fm            Bbsus4  B
   However distant, don't keep us apart.
   Ab    Fm7          Gm             Bbsus4  B
   After all, it is written in the stars_____.

   {goto  Chorus}

   *Key change to E

      E    F#m7        E/G#        F#m7
    Woman,      please let me explain.
    E        C#m                F#m        Bsus4  B
    I never meant to cause you sorrow and pain.
    A          F#m7     G#m                 Bsus4           B
    So let me tell you again and again and again_____________.

     {same as above but lyrics change}

       Emaj9    C#m7            F#m7             B6
     I love___________you, yeah,yeah, now and forever.

     And now I think it's time to show the chords of this song for
     those of you who do not know them,never heard of them and so on.
     I know that it's a pain to write them all down but I thoght for
     a second just how I felt, when I started playing guitar, when I
     was playing a song and suddenly there it was , the weirdest name 
     for a chord I've ever seen and didn't know how to play it.I had 
     to go the music store to buy a book on chords and eventually I 
     learned the damm thing. Anyway this is for all those who are 
     begging to play the guitar but this chord names confuse you a lot.

     Chords in this song:  

     chords names:             frets:          Fingerings:
     Ebsus4                    x68896           x13341
     Eb                        x68886           x13331
     Ab/E                      x66544           x34211
     Fm7                       131111           131111
     Eb/G                      3x134x           2x134x
     Cm                        x57765           x13421
     Bbsus4                    x13341           x13341
     Bb                        x13331           x13331
     Ab                        466544           134211
     Gm                        355333           134111
     Ebmaj9                    xx1331           xx1341
     Bb6                       x13333           x13334   or x13333
     Cm7                       x57565           x13121
     E                         022100           023100
     F#m7                      242222           231111
     E/G#                      4x2400           2x1400
     C#m                       x68876           x13421
     F#m                       244222           234111
     Bsus4                     x24452           x23341
     B                         x24442           x23331
     A                         x02220           x01230  or  x01110
     B6                        x24444           x23334  or  x23333


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