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группа John Lennon, Аккорды песни Waing The Wheels

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Аккорды песни: Waing The Wheels
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From: lothar@hair.ai-lab.fh-furtwangen.de (Lothar Steidle)

                    WATCHING THE WEELS

               words and music John Lennon

  C                              F

  C                              F             C
People say I'm crazy  -  doin' waht I what I'm doing

  C                                       F                      C
Well, they give me all kinds of warnings   -   to save me from ruin

F                  Dm              G                        G
When I say that I'm O.K. well they look at me kinda strange:

F                   Dm                G                     G  G  G
"Surely you're not happy now - you no longer play the game."

People say I'm lazy - dreamin' my life away.

Well, they give me all kinds of advice  -  designed to enlighten me.

          F                                 Dm                    G    G
Well they tell 'em that I'm doin fine watching shadows on the wall:

F                       Dm                                      G G G G
"Don't you miss the big time, boy ? You're no longer on the ball."

F          G                          C                      Am
  I'm just sitting here watching the weels go round and round

F          Am                       Dm7                  Dm7/C
  I really love to watch them roll.

G            G/F           Am          Am/G
  No longer riding on the mercy ground.

F#m7                       F             Ab6
                           I just had to let it go.

People asking questions - lost in confusion.

Well, I tell them there's no problem, - only solutions.

shake their heads and they look at me sa if I've lost my mind. -

I tell them there's no hurry. I'm just sitting here doing time.-

Ref. and then:

C         F

C         F

C         F#       F       Ab6       C
                    I just had to let it go....

There is no reason to read this.

From: sherlock@cats.ucsc.edu (Ana Liza Gracie)
Subject: Re: CRD: John Lennon: Watching the weels

One correction:

>G            G/F           Am          Am/G
>  No longer riding on the merry ground.

>F#m7                       F             Ab6
>                           I just had to let it go.

 ^^^^ This should be F#m7-5, or Am/F#.  (202210)

And someone might want to go through and fix the numerous typos in that
posting.  Other than that, the chords look okay.



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