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группа John Lennon, Аккорды песни Mind Games

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Аккорды песни: Mind Games
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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
From: Victor Perez 

                         MIND GAMES
                         John Lennon

                       C      G6/B  Am   C/G
  We're playing these mind games together
                 Fmaj7  C/E      D     D/C
  pushing the barriers planting seeds.
  playing the mind guerrila chanting the mantra
  chanting the mantra peace on earth.
  We all been  those mind games forever
  somekinda druid dudes  lifting the veil.
  Doing the mind guerilla
  some call it magic the search for the grail.

   C   D        G G/F    Em             G/D         D
  Love is the answer and you know that        for sure.
  Love is a   flower  you gotta let it you gotta let it grow

  So keep  on playing those mind games together
  faith in the future  outta the now.
  You just can't beat on those mind guerilla
  Absolute elsewhere in the stones of your mind.
  Yeah we're playing those mind games forever
  projecting our images in space and in time.

  Love is the answer and you know that        for sure..
  Love is surrender you gotta let it you gotta let it go.

  So keep  on playing those mind games togetherr
  doing the ritual dance in the sun.
  Millions of mind guerillas
  putting the soul power to the Karmic wheel.
  Keep on playing those mind games forever
  raising the spirits of peace and love.

   C        G6/B    Am  C/G  Fmaj 7 C/E  D  D/C
  I want you to make love , not war,
  i know you've heard it before.

  NOTE: As you can see this Lennono song ain't as hard as it looks
        as it looks. First of all there are two chord progressions:
        the one for the verse:( C  G6/B Am  C/G Fmaj7  C/E  D  D/C),
        and the one for the chorus:( C D G  G/F Em  G/D D).I suggest
        to listen to the song so that you can get the chord changes
        and the timing.By the way the song it's in the key of C.
        If anyone gets confuse with this transcription send me a mail
        to :


        P.S.  Check out my first posted song LOVE by John Lennon.

                                      hope you enjoy it ;

                                                         Victor Perez


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