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группа Lanois Daniel, Аккорды песни The Messenger

Группа: Lanois Daniel - другие аккорды (2)
Аккорды песни: The Messenger
Просмотров: 2135

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From: he95hema@ihh.hj.se (MARTIN HEDLUND)
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 1996 15:07:14 + 100

The Messenger
Words and music by Daniel Lanois

Bbm   C#          F#     G#
Got a letter from a messenger
Bbm C#            F#      
I read it when it came
Bbm C#                F#   G#   Bbm               
It said that you were wanted 
C#                  G#
You were bound and chained
C#                           F#
You had loved and you were handled
C#                        G#
You were poisoned you were paved
   Bbm    F#          G#             C# 
Oh no, Oh no you were naked you were shamed

You could almost touch heaven 
Right there in front of you
Liberty just slipped away from us
Now there's so much work to do
Oh the door that closes tightly
Is the door that can't swing wide
Oh no, Oh no but expecting to collide

C#                 F#
For a minute I let my guard down
Not afraid to be found out
Completely forgotten
What our feels where all about
   Bbm    F#            G#        C#
Oh no, Oh no there's no need to be without

There's a chance and I will take it 
This desire I can't give
Take my heart please don't break it
I will crawl to your foothill
I'm frightened but I'm coming
Please baby please lay still
Oh no, oh no not coming for the kill 
Oh no, oh no not coming for the kill
Oh no, oh no not coming for the kill


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