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группа Lanois Daniel, Аккорды песни Rocky World

Группа: Lanois Daniel - другие аккорды (2)
Аккорды песни: Rocky World
Просмотров: 1655

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From: snd0@gov.nt.ca (Shaun Dean)
Subject: CRD:Rocky World - Daniel Lanois

Rocky World - Daniel Lanois

G            Bmin       C          G
My hands are wrapped in your raven hair
       G     Bmin          C
In the faded picture on the back stair
        C                Bmin   C
We were narrow, we were steady, trembling and ready
   C               D          G
To give it Hell in this rocky world

G             Bmin              C           G
You said do I look like I could be a strong mother
    G              Bmin      C
And raise the good side of a young daughter
       C     Bmin       C
In the hotel Shangri-La let me tell you
          C                  D          G
I've been thinking of her in this rocky world

G          Bmin         C           G
Chicago is heavy, but I can't turn around
    G              Bmin           C
I'm smuggling that whiskey, every flesh and pound 
C          Bmin       C
Michigan I worry, and Susie I'm sorry
       C                   D           G
That I lost you out there in the rocky world

          C          Bmin       C
Would you build me a building a chapel up there
       G          Bmin         C
At the top of the hill in the still blue air
         C            Bmin    C
Near the weather vane, by the track and train
        C                  D         G
I'll be looking for you in the rocky world

G             Bmin       C          G
She's turning twenty and out on the make
G            Bmin            C
Pounding the blacktop with a habit to shake
       C            Bmin          C
She's looking for a manger in the eyes of a stranger
C                   D          G
Down on the streets of a rocky world

G           Bmin       C          G
Jenny has religion she sings in a church
      G        Bmin      C
She's made a decision to colour her hair
    C                 Bmin           C
The Black man cut the sugar cane she watches the rain
     C            D              G
In a building far from the rocky world

          C        Bmin           C
Yeah I'll tell you something I'll never forget
    G            Bmin   C
The sight of you in silhouette 
        C          Bmin      C
Outside Sault Ste. Marie you really threw me
         C                 D          G
When you pulled me down to your rocky bed

     G           Bmin  C         G
In a crowded room I stood there empty
G              Bmin       C
Looking for salvation and glory be
       C              Bmin       C
When a shot turned my head and I saw you instead
     C   D         G
Walk into my rocky world

Alright, there we go...Anybody else out there have more Lanois tunes to 



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