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группа Krauss Alison, Аккорды песни In The Palm Of Your Hand

Группа: Krauss Alison - другие аккорды (4)
Аккорды песни: In The Palm Of Your Hand
Просмотров: 1600

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From: Richard Kinch 
Subject: CRD: In the Palm of Your Hand by Alison Krauss
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 1995 02:53:17 +0000 (GMT)

IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND by Ron Block (BMI), as performed by
Alison Krauss & The Cox Family on the 1994 album _I Know Who Holds Tomorrow_
(Rounder 0307), also on Rounder CD 0325.  Also David Letterman's show 11/20/95.
Transcribed by Richard Kinch (kinch@holonet.net) 11/22/95.
4/4 Key of Bb (For guitar, play in G with Capo 3, Em6=020010, Am7=x02010)
The percussion during verses is the rhythm guitarist tapping his guitar top.

INTRO G-C2-G-C2 (use finger roll 6-2-4-3 on G=320033 and 5-2-4-3 on C2=x32033)

    G                   D         C      G
1.  If I could have the world and all it owns 
      C        Em6         Am       D7
    A thousand kingdoms, a thousand thrones
       Em      C          D7      G         C         D7   G
    If all the earth were mine to own, with wealth my only goal
        G        D       C       G
    I'd spend my gold on selfish things
        C       Em6       Am7       D7
    Without the love that your life brings
            Em         Am7       D7      G         C        Am7       G
    Just a "little bit more" was all I'd need 'til life was torn from me.

    C          Bm        Em      D7   Em6 D7
    I'd rather be in the palm of your hand
    C              Am7        G
    Though rich or poor I may be.
    C             Bm                Em D7 Em6 D7 ?
    Faith can see right through the circumstance;
             A         A7           D7     C D7
    Sees the forest in spite of the trees.
                C        Em6   Am7 G
    [CODA] Your grace provides for me.

    [BREAK] G   D   C   G   C   Em6 Am  D7  Em  C   D7  G   C   D7  G   

                G        D           C        G
2.  If I should walk the streets, no place to sleep,
       C        Em6  Am7     D7
    No faith in promises you keep.
        Em      C      D7     G            C     D7     G
    I'd have no way to buy my bread with a Bible for my bed.
             G         D       C        G       C        Em6      Am7    D7
    But if I trust the one who died for me, Who shed His blood to set me free
         Em      Am7     D7       G         C          Am7    G
    If I live my life to trust in you, your grace will see me through.



               G        C2
    If I could have the world ... [etc. fade]


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