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группа Kmfdm, Табулатура песни Jukejoint Weasel

Группа: Kmfdm - другие аккорды (12)
Табулатура песни: Jukejoint Weasel
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From: Burning.Inside@f929.n273.z1.fidonet.org (Burning Inside)
Date: 23 Jan 96 15:17:46 -0500
Subject: TAB: "Juke Joint Jezebel" by KMFDM

Juke Joint Jezebel      by KMFDM
                        from the album "Nihil"
                        words and music by En Esch, Sascha Konietzko,
                                Gunter Schultz and Raymond Watts
                        tabbed by Tom Mallon
Main Bass Line
G -----------------------
D --2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-0----
A -----------------------
E -----------------------
Intro Guitar
E ------------------------------
B ------------------------------
G ------------------------------
D --2----5----4----6------6/7---
A --2----5----4----6------6/7---
E --0----3----2----4------4/5---
Prechorus Guitar
E --------------------------------------------------------------------
B ----------------------------------------7---------------------------
G --9------------101010-----\-7------------------7-----7--------------
D --9------------101010-----\-7----------------------------7^---------
A --7------------8-8-8------\-5-------5-------5-----5-----------------
E --------------------------------------------------------------------
                                                       ^i think
Chorus Guitar            
E -----------------------------------------------
B -----------------------------------------------
G --9-----------7\6-7\6--7~~~~-------------------
D --9-----------7\6-7\6--6~~~~-------------------
A --7-----------5\4-5\4--5~~~~--------5h7--5h8---
E -----0-0-0-0----------------0-0-0-0------------
       x x x x                x x x x
E -----------------------------------------------
B -----------------------------------------------
G --9-----------7\6-7\6--7~~~~-------------------
D --9-----------7\6-7\6--6~~~~--------6p4--------
A --7-----------5\4-5\4--5~~~~-------------5h7---
E -----0-0-0-0----------------0-0-0-0------------
       x x x x                x x x x
Bridge (2:55)
E ---------------------------------------
B ---------------------------------------
G ---------------------------------------
D --2-2--5/9----5/8--------5/7------5\4--
A --2-2--5/9----5/8--------5/7------5\4--
E --0-0--3/7--0-3/6--0-0-0-3/5--0-0-3\2--
    x x       x      x x x      x x
There is another riff underneath the last verse that I think is made up of
palm-muted open E's and the hammer on parts from the chorus. I'm not sure 
exactly how it goes, though, because it is kinda hard to hear on the 
E |-----------------------------------|-------
B |-----------------------------------|-------
G |.---------------------------------.|-------
D |.----5/9----5/8-------2--5--4--7--.|--8\7--
A |-----5/9----5/8-------2--5--4--7---|--8\7--
E |---0-3/7--0-3/6--0-3--0--3--2--5---|--6\5--
      x      x      x x
palm mute= x
slide=     / or \
string bend= ^
hammer-on= 5h7
pull-off=  6hp
trill/vibrato= ~
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