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группа Kingsmen, Аккорды песни Louie Louie

Группа: Kingsmen - другие аккорды (5)
Аккорды песни: Louie Louie
Просмотров: 1778

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                         Louie, Louie           The Kingsmen

Chords  A  D  Em  D


Louie, Louie Oh no

I say we got to go   Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah  I said

Louie , Louie oh baby

Say we got to go


A fine little girl she waits for me

Me catch a ship across the sea

Me sail that ship all alone

Me never know how I'll make it home



Night and day we sail the sea

Me think of girl constantly

On the ship I dream she there

I smell the rose in her hair



Me see Jamaica the moon above

It won't be long me see my love

To take her in my arms again

I'll tell her I'll never leave her here


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