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группа Jayhawks, Аккорды песни Commonplace Streets

Группа: Jayhawks - другие аккорды (22)
Аккорды песни: Commonplace Streets
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Subject: Commonplace Streets by the Jayhawks

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Commonplace Streets
The Jayhawks

from "Blue Earth" (Twin/Tone Records, 1989
transcribed by John Davidson

The main riff is basically in a D chord shape and then walk the ^Уbass^Ф
line down with yer pinky.  It is the same riff used in the verses.



D (follow picking pattern)						   G      C G
This crumpled dollar bill in my back pocket reminds me I had twenty

D 									  G    C  G
What somebody said to someone you^Тd think that worries him

D   								G       C   G
Laid out on the newsstands or even sinful publications


Em						C                  G       F  A
See the haze on commonplace streets, you^Тre back here again

So we walk on commonplace streets Taking time no one seems to notice
Outside you^Тre all smiles when inside I know you^Тre hurtin^Т



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