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группа Indigo Girls, Аккорды песни Shame On You

Группа: Indigo Girls - другие аккорды (99)
Аккорды песни: Shame On You
Просмотров: 2193

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artist: Indigo Girls
album:  Shaming of the Sun
tab: Sweetcheeks

Shame on You (Amy Ray)

A5 D5-B5 X2

My friends they wash the windows
D5	                 B5 
and they shine in the sun
they tell me wake up early in the morning sometime
  D5                          B5 
see what beautiful job we done
i say let's put on some tunes, sing along
D5              B5 
dolittle all day
go down to the riverside take off our shoes
D5                  B5
wash these sins away

(add an acoustic here playing A,D,B chords)
A5                      D5          B5          
the river said la la la shame on you                 X2

i go down to chiano city park
cause it makes me feel so fine
when the weeds go down you can see up close
in the dead of the winter time
but when summer comes everything's in bloom
and you wouldn't know it's there
the white folks like to pretend it's not
but their music's in the air
you can hear them singing la la la shame on you
you can feel them dancing la la la shame on you

my friend tanner says you know me and Jesus
we're of the same heart 
the only things that keeps us distant
is that i keep fuckin' up
i said come down to chiano city park
wash away your blues away
the beautiful ladies walk on by
you know i never know what to say
they will be singing 
oo la la shame on you

lets go road block trippin in the middle of the night
up in Gainesville town
there'll be blue lights flashin
down the long dirt road
when they ask me to step out
they say they are looking for illegal immigrants
can we check your car
i say you know it's funny
i think we were on the same boat back in 1694
i said oo la la shame on you


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