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группа Human Nature, Аккорды песни Tellin Everybody

Группа: Human Nature - другие аккорды (1)
Аккорды песни: Tellin Everybody
Просмотров: 1708

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Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 12:27:51 +1100
From: David Schmidt 
Subject: h/human_nature/tellin_everybody.crd

(title: Tellin' Everybody)
(artist: Human Nature)



(intro vocals:)

(B)Tellin' (A)everybody what your (G#m) doin' to me.
(B)Tellin' (A)everybody what your (G#m)  doin'.


(B)Ain't no doubt about (A)it, (G#m)girl you drive me (A)wild.
(B)Seems your wastin' over(A), (G#m)punishment befits (A)the crime.
(B)Can't stop thinkin' about (A)it, (G#m)the things you've done to (A)me .
(B)Baby you know you got (A)it, you (G#m)bringing him right (A)to his knees.

(pre chorus:)

I've never (E)been an angel, but you(F#m) could show me how.(G#m)
I (A)wanna be your baby, nu nu nu nu now.

(same chords as intro)
So I'm tellin' everybody, tellin' everybody what we did last night.
Tellin' everybody, never had a girl that felt so right.
Tellin' everybody, tellin' everybody what we did last night.
Tellin' everybody, you're the reason why I had a good time.

*(intro vocals)

Age defies your body, looks to follow mine.
Girl you take me higher, lady your perfectafine.
So don't stop thinkin' about it, and do not stop for me.
I'II keep makin' it harder, I'II keep it up won't bother me.

*(pre chorus)

transcribed by David Schmidt


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