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группа Highwaymen, Аккорды песни Live Forever

Группа: Highwaymen - другие аккорды (8)
Аккорды песни: Live Forever
Просмотров: 999

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************* LIVE FOREVER *************

written by Billy Joe Shaver and Eddy Shaver

performed by Waylon Jennings
	     Kris Kristofferson
	     Willie Nelson
             Johnny Cash

Verse 1:(Willie Nelson then Kris Kristofferson)
	I'm gonna live forever
	I'm gonna cross that river
              D                  G
	I'm gonna catch tomorrow now

	You're gonna want to hold me
	Just like i always told you
                 D                     G
	You're gonna miss me when i'm gone

Verse 2:(all together)
           C                   G 
	Nobody here will ever find me
               D               G 
	But i will always be around
              C                        G   
	Just like the songs i leave behind me
             D                 G
	I'm gonna live forever now

Verse 3:(Waylon Jennings then Johnny Cash)
	You fathers and you mothers
	Be good to one another
           D                               G    
	Please try to raise your children right
	Don't let the darkness take 'em
	Don't make 'em feel forsaken
              D                        G
	Just lead them safely to the light

Verse 4:(all together)
          C                             G   
	When this old world is blown assunder
             D                          G     
	And all the stars fall from the sky
          C                           G    
	Remember someone really loves you
               D                 G  
	We'll live forever you and i

Chorus:(all together)
	I'm gonna live forever
	I'm gonna cross that river
          D                      G  
	I'm gonna catch tomorrow now


Perret Charles-Amir : perret@diva.univ-mlv.fr


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