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группа Highwaymen, Аккорды песни It Is What It Is

Группа: Highwaymen - другие аккорды (8)
Аккорды песни: It Is What It Is
Просмотров: 1842

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************* IT IS WHAT IT IS *************

written by Stephen Burton and John Fleming

performed by Waylon Jennings
             Kris Kristofferson
	     Willie Nelson
	     Johnny Cash

Verse 1:
	I've been obnoxious

	I've been unconscious

	I've been all kinds of things that are hard to spell
	I've been unruly

	Speakin' truly

	I've been so cool i couldn't hardly even stand myself

Verse 2:
	I've been a monster

	Without a sponsor

	I've been Dr. Jekill and Mr. Hyde
	I've been a goner
	I've been a loner

	And when my mixture was right
	Hell,i'm a nice bunch of guys

          B                                    A     E
	I am what i am 'cause i ain't what i used to be
          B                                           A      E
	'Cause it is what it is but it ain't what it used to be

Verse 3:
	I been a mover

	I was a shaker

	You had a girlfriend

	I tried to snake her
	I've been mysterious

	I've been delirious

	I've been so weird it would have killed a normal man

Verse 4:
	I wanted money

	I wanted power

	I want a monument

	Kind of like the Eiffel Tower
	I've been lost at sea
	I've been lost in space

	And when i fall in love
	I fall all over the place


Verse 5:
	And you can go on forever and make the same mystakes
	Or you can stand up on your hind legs and change your fate
	Go on and do until you finally see
	What it is that you was that you don't want to be

Verse 6:
	I was an outlaw

	I was an in-law

	I was a scapegoat

	That was the last straw
	I hit the highway

	Singin' my way
	But it wound up sounding like you'll never walk alone

Verse 7:
	I got a story

	Reflected glory

	Is the way that i've been seein' for most of my life
	I heard the laughter
	Up in the rafter
	But i never ever thought that the joke was on me



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