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группа Hicks Dan, Аккорды песни Canned Music

Группа: Hicks Dan - другие аккорды (3)
Аккорды песни: Canned Music
Просмотров: 1626

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
From: EJL33@aol.com
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 1995 00:50:14 -0400

               Canned Music    Dan Hicks                  NOTES BELOW
(C) Canned music, canned music, playing on the radio
    [C?]                             [G7]
    Canned music, canned music, with out a doubt it doesn't go
    [D7]                         [C7]
    Favorites on the jukebox are only half the show when it's
    Canned music, canned music

 (1)A little before she left me, I asked her what it's all about
      [C7]                  [C?] [C7] [G7]
    She said I feel like dancin', She feel like stepping out
    [D7]                               [C7]
    I took her with the van, where the band was on the stand, playin'
    Live music live music

(2)She got us on the dance floor, to me it was a sight
    I never seen my baby movin', like the moves she made on me that night=

    I did not have a chance the way that music made me dance, it was ah
    Live music, live music

  * Repeat (C)
  * Instrumental

(3)The rhythm was all around us, we was really steppin' out
    My baby said I'm livin' for this music, I asked her what it's all abo=
    She said I'm just a silly girl, this stuff has got me in a whirl
    It's just some live music, live music

(4)And that was the night she left me, danced herself into my memory
    My baby had to leave me for the drummer, I guess I'll never solve
                                                     that mystery
    I think I've learned my lesson just don't get too near the band when =
    Live music, live music

    A little before she left me, I asked her what it's all about
    She said she feel like dancin', she feel like steppin' out

    Some chord idea's.

        X               E A D G B E
   C7...=D5=CD=D1=CD=D1=CD=D1=CD=D1=CD=B8  C7 =D5=CD=D1=CD=D1=CD=D1=CD=D1=
        =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3     =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3  <-------- BA=
  up 2  =C3=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=B4     =C3=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=C5=
  frets =B3 =B3 1 =B3 =B3 =B3     =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3
  for   =C3=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=B4     =C3=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=C5=
  D7    =B3 2 =B3 3 3 3     1 1 1 1 1 1 BARRE at 3rd
        =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3     =C3=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=B4
              o o       =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3
        =D5=CD=D1=CD=D1=CD=D1=CD=D1=CD=B8     =C3=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=C5=
    G7=3D =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 1     =B3 =B3 3 =B3 4 =B3 <---Also try movi=
ng 4th finger to E string
        =C3=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=B4     =C3=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=C5=
=C4=B4     I don't know what it's called.
        =B3 2 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3     =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3     I call it h=
        3 =B3 4 =B3 =B3 =B3     This is kind of rough. On the CD they do =
this in G,
        =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3     but I'm going to fool around with oth=
er keys as well,
                        to try and find that sound that's so elusive.
                        What'cha think ? I think it could be improved, ju=
                        don't know how.
    ejl33@aol.com       RIME->203



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