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группа Henley Don, Табулатура песни Boys Of Summer

Группа: Henley Don - другие аккорды (4)
Табулатура песни: Boys Of Summer
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#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
From: larsoe@rs6214.ecs.rpi.edu (Eric Dennis Larson)

                            The Boys Of Summer
                               by Don Henley

                Transcribed by Eric Larson (larsoe@rpi.edu)

Key:	H - Hammer-On
	P - Pull-Off
       ^f - Full Bend
	~ - Vibrato
 	/ - Slide up
	\ - Slide down



The funkey little riff during the verses goes something like this:
(Clean with a little echo)
--------------------------.| Palm mute it and repeat for the length of
----------------------H----| the verse (8 times I think)

Here's how I play the chords:  (A little distortion & chorus)
 G   C   D
-3---3---3-	I won't bother putting this part in tab,
-O---O---2-	just strum each chord where it says to
-O---2---O-	and then arpeggiate the notes of the chord
-X---3-----	letting the notes ring.

G		  D
But I can see you,  you brown skin shining in the sun
D				      C
You got your hair combed back and your  sunglasses on, baby
D		  D
I can tell you my love for you will still be strong
D		  C
After the boys of summer have gone

The second verse is basically the same as the first, but it has this funkey
lick thrown in at the end:

Then there's the second Chorus... same chords as the first

Then there's the Bridge:
(Clean with a little echo)
----------------P------------------.|	This is repeated thorught
-9-9-7-7-------9-7----9--7----------|	the bridge.
(Palm Muted)

Here's the riffs for the part after the bridge:

 > P		  >

Then there's the outro:

	(Repeat 7 times)

And that's about all of it.

   There's some interesting guitar stuff on all the songs on this CD, 
   no shredding, or incredible chops, but Mike Campbell & Danny Kortchmar
   definately have STYLE!!

   If you don't have this CD (Building The Perfect Beast),
   BUY IT!!! It's an awesome CD...All She Wants to Do is Dance,
				  Sunset Grill,
 				  Drivin' With Your Eyes Closed,
				  and of course this song are
				  all AWESOME tunes!!!

	(I should be posting Drivin' With Your Eyes Closed  soon)


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