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группа Heart, Аккорды песни Alone

Группа: Heart - другие аккорды (7)
Аккорды песни: Alone
Просмотров: 1688

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From: Ric Kelly 
Subject: CRD:Alone by Heart
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 95 20:00:47 +0100

I saw someone requested some help with this a while back, so here goes;

                             Recorded by Heart.

Bm         G              A                         Bm           G    A F#
I hear the ticking of the clock, I'm lying here the room's pitch dark

Bm         G              A                       Bm          G   A   F#
I wonder where you are tonight, no answer on your telephone

          G        D         G       D
And the night goes by so very slow

      G                  D        G      A 
Oh I hope that it won't end so

All alone

Em      C     G           D 
   Till now, I always got by on my own

Em  C              G            D
   I never really cared until I met you

EM  C         G               D
   And now it chills me to the bone

  G         C       D
   How do I get you alone

  G         C       D
   How do I get you alone

You don't know how long I have wanted to touch your lips and hold 
                                                    you tight
You don't know how long I have waited, and I was gonna tell you tonight
But the secret is still my own
And my love for you is still unknown
All alone

   Till now, I always got by on my own

Solo: Use Chorus chords

Repeat first verse?
Chorus and fade/quit

Something like that anyway.
I know I've changed the key slightly from the album to accommodate my
singer's voice, but can't remember if I moved it up or down a tone or two

Good luck anyway

 |)   |/
 |\ic |\ell\/  ric@achenar.demon.co.uk
 ----------/   tel +44(0)374655298


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