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группа Hayward Justin, Аккорды песни Forever To Be Alone

Группа: Hayward Justin - другие аккорды (34)
Аккорды песни: Forever To Be Alone
Просмотров: 2436

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                    Forever To Be Alone    (Justin Hayward)

[capo 1st fret]

      C  /  /  /  F  /  G  /
     [                        ]  x2

      C            F          G        C
%    Monday, the greyness of morning upon you
     You know, how many times I have wandered

        F            G          Am        Em          F
     A part of your life taken from you, just for a while, oh
     Watching my soul drifting under, oh I do, oh

       C      F           G               C
     Quietly waiting for someone who'll know why
     Love you only as much as I can do

           F          G             Am       Em    F
     The price of an hour of love's so high, oh I do
     The feeling's too strong now to undo, please never try

        G  F                G7  /  /  /  F  /  G  /
     Woah,  forever to be alone
     Woah,  lover please hurry home

       C          G           C
     Where is the eden that you've dreamed of
     Where is the eden that you've dreamed of

   Am            C                  F
     How many thoughts have you denied
     Try to believe it's all come true

   G7              G                C   F    G
     Then you can say that you are lonely, woah
     Then you can say that you're in love, woah

    F                G7  /  /  /  F  /  G  /
     Forever to be alone                       Go %(2)
     Forever to be alone                       END

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Put your problems out with the cat -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Written by:    Mick Anderson     hsteinke@extro.ucc.su.oz.au
                              or manderso@ntnecss1.telecom.com.au
Assisted by:   Ria Heeringa
               Shelley Giblin
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Must be lamb today cause beef was last week =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-


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