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группа Hawkwind, Аккорды песни Jack Of Shadows

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Группа: Hawkwind - другие аккорды (1)
Аккорды песни: Jack Of Shadows
Просмотров: 2372

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
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#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
From: "David Weingart" 

This is the same key as on the album (PXR5, which a friend of mine who
was a cinema major way back when tells me is a type of movie film).

There's an intstrumental part between the second and third verses, which
I don't have the chords to.  Anyone want to tackle it?

Title:   Jack of Shadows
Artist:  Hawkwind

A                G
Jack of Shadows, nocturnal outlaw

C                   D
Daemon of darkness, brother to the night

A                D
Jack of Shadows, what's he hanging out for?

C                       D
King of the dimensions, the other side of light

E           F   G
And when he passes

E                  F       G
He casts shades of mystery black

E              F   G
Flowing like molasses

A                         G
It's only Jack of Shadows on his way back

To the kindom of thieves

D    C    B    A
Before the skies crack

Jack of Shadows, cloak of constellations
Draped around his body, blanking out his face
Jack of Shadows, don't believe in God, he
Steals from the future, fades without a trace

And when the flames flare
Flickering forms of velvet dark
He plays his games there
It's only Jack of Shadows, he's lit up by a spark
To run into the umbra as fast as a shark

Jack of Shadows, ultraviolet eyesight
Giving him the vision, that cats-eye infrared
Jack of Shadows, watch him as he flies right
Through all of the umbras, quicker than the dead

And when he passes
He casts shades of mystery black
Flowing like molasses
It's only Jack of Shadows on his way back
To the kindom of thieves
Before the skies crack

A       G        E                D C B A
Jack of Shadows, Jack of Shadows
Jack of Shadows, Jack of Shadows
Jack of Shadows, Jack of Shadows

73 de Dave Weingart  KB2CWF                |    From there to here
Personal: phydeaux@emerald.princeton.edu   |    From here to there
Work:     dweingar@firewall.nielsen.com    |    Funny things are everywhere
                                           |      -- Dr. Seuss


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