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группа Hawkins Ron, Аккорды песни Lulu

Группа: Hawkins Ron - другие аккорды (2)
Аккорды песни: Lulu
Просмотров: 1946

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Date: Tue, 03 Mar 1998 16:28:11 +0600
From: Kevin Frederick Cumming 
Subject: CRD: h/ron_hawkins/lulu.crd

song: Lulu
by: Ron Hawkins
album: The Secret of my Excess
transcribed by Kevin Cumming

NOTE: song is played with capo on 4th fret and the chords shown 

There's a corpse or two
In your hair Lulu
	  G		A
Cause you never had the time
	F#m	      G     A   D
For the fire escaping kind
And you look like gold
In your hangman's coat
	  G		  A
With your pockets full of Gin
         F#m		      G   A  D 
Hang the past that roped you in

        F#m   		      Bm
And the head you have, is the head I have
             G             A
Cause you're not afraid to die
           F#m             G     A    D
Raise your head and wave good-bye

bassoon solo

        F#m                   Bm
And the head you have, is the head I have
          G              A
Cause I'm not afraid to die
         F#m               G     A    D
Hold my head and wave good-bye

CHORDS:  G	320033
         D      xx0323
         F#m    244222
         A      x02220
         Bm     x24432


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