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группа P J Harvey, Табулатура песни Teclo

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Табулатура песни: Teclo
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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 1995 09:05:14 -0800
From: PMosinsk@lmumail.lmu.edu (Peter Mosinskis)
Subject: TAB:  Teclo by P.J. Harvey

     by P.J. Harvey
     from the Island release "To Bring You My Love"
     submitted Dec. 18, 1995
     From:  Peter Mosinskis -- pmosinsk@lmumail.lmu.edu
     This is a great album (naturally; great artist, great album).  I have 
     somewhat confirmed the following chords by watching the band play 
     There are 3 main parts to this song:  Intro/General Rhythm, Lead, and 
     Intro Chords
     Strings    6  5  4  3  2  1
     Am         x  0  2  2  x  x
     Am?        x  0  2  3  x  x
     Em         0  2  2  x  x  x
     G          3  2 (2) x  x  x
     G*         x  x  0  0  0  x
     Intro Chords and General Rhythm:
     Play the below figures with a tremolo effect.  Actually, I think these 
     chords run through the length of the song, except for the last verse 
     and the "let me ride" choruses.  One guitarist plays this, the other 
     one (Joe Gore) plays the lead line.  Listen to the album for rhythm.
     Am  /  Am?  /  Am  /  Em  /  G  /  Em  /  G
     Am  /  Am?  /  Am  /  G*  /  Em  /  Em  /  G (or G*)
     Lead Line:
     Pluck the following individual notes (should be played completely on 
     the E string, I saw it live)
     E  F#  G  /D  D  B
     (the /D means to slide up to the D)
     This is for the "let it ride part".  It is a kind of arpeggio, and 
     because of the sound, it should probably be played the following way 
     (near the 12th fret), with the guitar's pickup selector on the NECK 
     pickup, to get a nice, round, bell-like tone.  (Please email me with 
     corrections--I'm not very sure on this part).  The stretch from the C 
     to the 12th Fret D can be a bit tough...
     Lyrics:  Listen to the song, you'll get the idea
     (Play Rhythm)
     Long goes the night
     Longer the day
     Teclo your death
     Will send me to my grave
     (Play Chorus and Lead)
     (Play Rhythm)
     I learned to beg
     I learned to pray
     Send me his love
     Send him to me again
     (Play Chorus)
     Let me ride
     Let me ride
     Let me ride on his grace for a while
     Let me ride
     Let me ride
     Just let me ride on his grace for a while
     Long goes the night
     Longer the day
     Teclo your death
     Will send me to my grave
     Let me ride
     Let me ride
     Just let me ride on his grace for a while
     Let me ride
     Let me ride
     Just let me ride on your grace for a while
     Chorus (play Lead and Chorus)
     just let me ride
     From:  Peter Mosinskis -- pmosinsk@lmumail.lmu.edu


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