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группа P J Harvey, Аккорды песни Rub Til It Bleeds

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Аккорды песни: Rub Til It Bleeds
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Date: Sun, 17 Sep 95 18:49:17 EDT
From: Froubluca! 
Subject: p_j_harvey - rub_til_it_bleeds

Rub 'Til It Bleeds  -  P.J. Harvey
transcribed by : Joe Lupo

Chords used:
 G5    A#5/F C5/G  F5    Gm11(?)

(slide between chords)
Group 1:
	G5       A#5/F    G5       A#5/F
	/  ////  /  ////  /  ////  /  ////
Group 2:
	C5/G     F5       C5/G     F5
	/  ////  /  ////  /  ////  /  ////
Group 3:
	/  ///xx  / ///xx  /  ///xx  / ///xx

Music notes:
	-The verse music for verses 1 and 2 basically consists of alternating 
	between group 2 and group 1 four times ending with group one playing 
	twice instead of once.
	-For verse 3 you stop on the first C5/G of the fourth alternation, 
	allow a little bit of silence for the line "God's truth.." and then 
	jump right into the chorus music.
	-The chorus music is groups 3 and 1 alternating with distorted guitar
	playing too, it also ends with group 1 playing twice instead of once.
	-The ending is just group 1 distorted over and over finally ending on 
	the G5 with feedback.

	(verse music, fade in)
Verse 1:
	Speak            I'm listening
	Baby             I'm your sweet thing
	Believe          what I'm saying
	God's truth      I'm not lying
Verse 2:
	Aahh...We        lie steady
	Rest             your head on me
	I'll smooth      it nicely
	Rub it better    'til it bleeds
	Ha haa..We       and you believe me
	                 call out again
	Ha ha            I'm caught in your wake
	                 getting even
Verse 3:
	Aaahh...         I was joking
	Sweet Babe       let me stroke it
	take             I give it
	God's truth      I'm not lying
	Aahh...We        and you believe me
	Ha...ah ah       I'm caught in your wake
	                 I'll make it better
	Ha               and rub 'til it bleeds
	I'll rub it      until it
	I'll rub it      until it Ha
	I'll rub it      until it
	I'll rub it      until it 
	I'll rub it      until it Ha
	I'll rub it      until it
	I'll rub it      until it
	I'll rub it      until it


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