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группа Harper Ben, Табулатура песни Will To Live

Группа: Harper Ben - другие аккорды (16)
Табулатура песни: Will To Live
Просмотров: 1804

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Ben Harper, The Will to Live 
from the album The Will to Live, 1997

Tuning - standard guitar tuning with the bottom E string
dropped to D

Note that Ben plays this with a slide on his weissenborn,
but you can still play this by using your index finger as a barre.

Intro and verse riff:

Just before the chorus - i.e. at the words "she's still alive"

and hold the D chord until:
with plenty of distortion
    Eb      Bb        F       C

this is the chord progression for the chorus and the end bit,
and the sort of siren sound that Ben gets in the last chorus can
be imitated by bending the B string upwards at the 11th and 13th
frets, provided your amp is going flat out

I met a girl whose heart was on the right hand side
and upon the left an angel did reside
the told her mother that she never would survive
but she kept the rhythm and is still alive

We must all have the will to live
you got to have the will to live

then i met a man who had to walk with his hands
born into a world he couldn't stand
blessed with life but cursed as a man 
still he walks taller than most of us can

We must all have the will to live
you got to have the will to live

some are born with more and some are born with less
so don't take for granted the life we've been blessed
its hard to understand that we're only a guest
and each of us shall be put to life's test

We must all have the will to live
you got to have the will to live

The chord progression for the solo goes
C   G    D, and maybe I'll tab out the solo a bit later when I find 
some spare time. Enjoy

Martin from New Zealand


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