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группа Fleetwood Mac, Аккорды песни Storms

Группа: Fleetwood Mac - другие аккорды (32)
Аккорды песни: Storms
Просмотров: 2398

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From: pascual@mpc175.mpibpc.gwdg.de

{st:Fleetwood Mac}
[D]Every night that goes be[G]tween
I feel a [A]little [Bm]less
As you [D]slowly go away from [G]me
this is only an[A]other [Bm]test

And [D]every night you do not [G]come
your softness [A]fades a[Bm]way
Did I [D]ever really
care that [G]much?
Is there anything [A]left to [Bm]say?

[G]Every [Bm7]hour of [D]fear I spend
my [G]body [A]tries to [Bm]cry
[G]living [Bm7]through each [D]empty night
a [G]deadly [A]call in[Bmside

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So I [D]try to say goodbye my [G]friend I'd like to leave you with [A]something [Bm]warm But [D]never have I been a blue, calm [G]sea I have always [A] been a [Bm]storm [G]always [A] been a [Bm]storm ooh, [G]always [A] been a [Bm]storm I have [G]always [A] been a [Bm]storm [G] [D] [A7] [D] we [G]were frail [D] [A7] [D] [G] [D] [A7] [D] She said "[G]every night he will [D]break your [A7]heart" [D] I should have [G]known from the first [D] I'd be the [A7]broken hear[D]ted [G] [D] [A7] [D] I [G]loved you from the start [D] [A7] [D] Save us [G] [D] [A7] And not [D] all the prayers in the world save [G]us. [D] [A7]

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