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группа Feelies, Аккорды песни Higher Ground

Группа: Feelies - другие аккорды (3)
Аккорды песни: Higher Ground
Просмотров: 1172

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From ccarlson@valsmtp.riag.com Wed Apr  9 12:56:45 1997
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 1997 16:49:16 -0500
From: ccarlson@valsmtp.riag.com
To: guitar@olga.net
Subject: Please replace my sloppy CRD!

     While printing my CRD version of 'Higher Ground' by the Feelies that 
     is currently at the OLGA, I noticed that I reversed a chord sequence 
     throughout the song (the perils of cut 'n paste). The good (well, 
     better) version follows.
     Higher Ground
     (Glenn Mercer)
     Recorded by The Feelies on "Only Life" 1988
     G  D  Em  (4x solo 8x with band, vocal enters on 8)
     G   D  Em
     On my way
     G     D   Em
     Head-ing down
     G    D   Em
     Time to find
     G      D  Em
     High - er Ground
     G   D    Em
     In your arms
     G   D  Em
     In my dreams 
     G     D   Em
     With you there
     G     D   Em
     With you there
     C  G    D
     Be my light
     C  G    D
     By my side
     C     G    D
     With you there
     C  G    D
     Be my guide
     Verse II:
     On your way
     Try to find
     Higher gorund
     For all time
     On your way
     Find a way
     In the light
     Hey, hey, hey
     Chorus II (slightly different lyrics):
     Be my light
     By my side
     With you there
     Be my guide
     Em (4x; let ring)
     Guitar break through end of song:
     Verse chords w/guitar solo until fatigued or batteries wear out in 
     Tube Screamer. End on Em.
     This is one of the greatest jam songs since "Down by the River" and 
     the slower you play the lead, the better it sounds. Get that "woman 
     tone" and let the notes ring.
     Tab/Chord interpretation by Craig Carlson


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