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группа Europe, Табулатура песни Cherokee

Группа: Europe - другие аккорды (12),   о группе (1 статей),   диски (4),   фотографии (1)
Табулатура песни: Cherokee
Просмотров: 1801

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                       CHEROKEE   by EUROPE

         Em D G C Em D Em C G D Em

Em                    B
  They lived in peace   not long ago
Em                B
  a mighty Indian tribe
C                    C Em     D             G
  but the winds of change   have made them realize
              Am          D
  that the promises were lies
Em                      B
  The white man's greed   in search of gold
Em                  B
  made the nation bleed
C                       C  Em       D               G
  They had lost their faith    and now they had to learn
            Am             Bm    C                  D
  there was no place to return   nowhere they could turn

           Em D G C               Em        D      Em C G D
  Cherokee        marching on the trail of tears
           Em D G C               Em        D      Em C G D     Em
  Cherokee        marching on the trail of tears

verse 2:

They were driven hard across the plains
And walked for many moons
'Cause the winds of change
Had made them realize that the promises were lies

So much to bear, all that pain
Left them in despair.

This song from "the Final Countdown" album was tabbed by Marco v/d Water
suggestions, comments etc.  e-mail: 9150798@bn.fnt.hvu.nl


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