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группа Difranco Ani, Табулатура песни Gratitude

Группа: Difranco Ani - другие аккорды (9)
Табулатура песни: Gratitude
Просмотров: 1886

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
From: Daniel M Prince 

Gratitude -- by Ani Difranco
---------    ---------------
(from the album Not So Soft (1991)
-- for ordering info see her web page:

Standard tuning -- no capo

Disclaimer -- same as before; this is very approximate. Ani 
plays it much better somehow.  In particular, she seems to 
be able to slide between one chord and another, which must 
mean she's playing all these with some sort of bar chords?  
I don't know.

Main part -- play twice as intro and keep repeating 
thereafter.  She does slight variations occasionally on 
these (e.g. play Chord1 twice and skip chord2 sounds pretty 
cool.  Also strum across the chords instead of picking.)  I 
don't know "letter names" for these chords, so I just 
numbered them, though it starts outwith an ordinary D:

Chord 1:D       Chord 2(000230) Chord 3(320030)

Chord4 (020020)
---------------|--Repeat Chord3 --| --Repeat Chord2 --|
2--------2-----|-- Same Pattern --| ---Same Pattern --|
0--------------|------------------| ------------------|
---0--------0--|------------------| ------------------|
2-----2--------|------------------| ------------------|

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---------------|------------------| ------------------| --Repeat Chord1 --| ---Same Pattern --| ------------------| ------------------| ------------------| ------------------| Chorus ("But you changed the rules..."): Chord4 (020020) Chord5 (020030) ---------------|---------------| 2--------2-----|2--------2-----| 0--------------|0--------------| ---0--------0--|---0--------0--| 2-----2--------|2-----2--------| ---------------|---------------| --Repeat Chord5 --|--Hold Chord4--- ---Same Pattern --|--One bar ------ ------------------|---------------- ------------------|---------------- ------------------|---------------- ------------------|---------------- If you can't figure this out, mail me at princed@cae.wisc.edu --MAA21855.796930533/hp-107.cae.wisc.edu--

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