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группа Dance Hall Crashers, Аккорды песни Lost Again

Группа: Dance Hall Crashers - другие аккорды (8)
Аккорды песни: Lost Again
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Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 18:14:59 -1000
From: HikariKen 
Subject: d/dance_hall_crashers/lost_again.crd

Artist:  Dance Hall Crashers
Album:  Honey I'm Homely
Song:  Lost Again
Tabed by: Daniel Matsuo

This is my first time I actually did this but I just wanted to see if I could 
put this together.  And since I'm always using the OLGA I just figured I should 
contribute back.  I think that you should use this tab to start playing and 
make your own corrections/additions to the song.  Drop by my web site 
http://www.angelfire.com/hi/hikariken or write to me at hikariken@writeme.com 
if you need anything else. 

This song is played with an electric and you need to turn up the treble to make 
the clanky clanky sound.  When playing the chords you got to hold the chord and 
let go of it, that gives it that short ska sound.

This is the basic chord progression.
     1        2         3          4      2    5      1
E(x79999) A(577655) Db(x46654) F#(244322) A B(799877) E
You should be able to pick up the strumming pattern from listening to the song.
Play the chord progressions ska strumming like the top.  But before some of the
chords you play a half chord down and then go up to the chord...
confused?  That means for the first chord E(x79999) you play a Eb(x68888) down
strum once and slide up to the E and start up strumming.
Hope that made sense..

The second time you repeat the chord progression you play the usual E A Db F#
 but when you come the A and the B you play muted power chords and then go into
a loud strummy E chord.

For the slide you to take the E(x79999) and run your pic from the last fret
until you reach your left hand.  I think maybe when your sliding the pick you
should slide the chord down too.

The Chorus goes A(577655)  B(799877)..struma...struma....struma  E(x79999)
D(x57777)  Db(x46654).

The last part when they sing "do you" play E(x79999)  A(577655)  E  B(799877)  
E  A  Db(x46654)  F#(244322)  and just repeat.

ohhhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhh..........

lost again somebody tell me how to get there 
cause I cant take another earth shake 
or another blind stab 
thought I knew what I had to do to get through to you
I guess your head is thicker than I thought 
you know I'm starting to think that it might be you 
cause I know you got a lot of things 
and people you look to
do you believe that I never see what you doin to me
Ill keep smiling tell the door closes behind me

I know where I wanna go
but I just don't know no i just don't know how to get there
I know where I wanna go
but I just don't know no i just don't know how to get there

lost again somebody tell me how to get there
if I hit another detour I'm afraid that I wont care 
who'd of thought that Id afford the expectations
that old rood probably just lead straight to hell
and once I'm there are you going to care or be willing to look away
I don't think I want us to go up and down that way 
do you believe that I never see what your doin to me
ill keep smiling tell the door closes behind me


guitar solo-Im going to try and get this part later cause it 
might take a while.


do you*15
tell me if you do

		That's it good luck


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