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группа Sheryl Crow, Аккорды песни The Book

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Аккорды песни: The Book
Просмотров: 2086

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Date: Mon, 08 Dec 1997 10:28:49 -0800
From: Ali 
Subject: CRD: The_Book.crd by Sheryl Crow 

Song:The Book
Artist/s:Sheryl Crow
>From the Album:Sheryl Crow
Written by:Sheryl Crow & Jeff Trott
Tabbed By:Matt Kelly (Ali) 

This tab is almost perfect (in my opinion). The only thing I'm not 
sure of is the chords C#*(a modified C# chord) & C#?(don't know the 
real name for either chord). These chords don't sound quite right 
but they are the closest I could come. I ask one thing though... I 
you like it or don't or think I did a good job at it or have any 
other comments PLEASE SEND THEM TO ME!!! This is my first tab and I 
want to know how I did. Enjoy! :) 

Capo on 1st Fret or no capo and play a half step lower than the 

 C#* C#? G* A

E Em E Em E Em

            E    Em
I read your book
              E       Em
And I find it strange

That I know that girl
That I know her world
             E    Em
A little too well

             E    Em
And I didn't know
             E    Em
By giving my hand

That I would be written down,
sliced around, passed down
                E     E
Among strangers hands

              G    D
Three days in Rome
      C#*      C#?
Where do we go
              G      D
I'll always remember
              E    Em
Three days in Rome

E Em E Em 

       E    Em
Never again 
                 E    Em
Would I see your face

You carry a pen 
and a paper and no time 
And no words 
    E     Em
You waste
         E      Em
You're a voyeur
                  E     Em
The worst kind of thief

To take what happened to us
To Write down everything

that went on
E                  E
Between you and me

              G    D  C#*
Three days in Rome
And I'll stand alone
              G      D
I'll always remember
              E    Em
Three days in Rome

--Wurlitzer Solo--
(Not too sure what a Wurlitzer is but here's the solo tabbed for 6-
sting. Just put full bass on your amp and keep turnin' up the gain 
until it sounds close to what's on the CD.)
          G*       A          E
|-----------------------------------| {Play twice}

              E   Em
And what do I get
           E     Em
Do I get revenge

While you let all out
Without any doubt
                  E   Em
Of how this would end

             E    Em
Sometimes it goes
             E    Em
Sometimes we come

To learn by mistake
That the love you once made
           E    E
Can't be undone

Oh but Three days in Rome
I laid my heart out
C#*                   C#?
I laid my soul down alone
              G      D
I'll always remember
Three days in Rome

Please send corrections, comments, questions, etc. to 


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