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группа Cowboy Mouth, Аккорды песни Jenny Says

Группа: Cowboy Mouth - другие аккорды (18)
Аккорды песни: Jenny Says
Просмотров: 1380

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"Jenny Says" by Cowboy Mouth
>From the MCA album "Are You With Me?"
previously on Domino/Monkey Hill "Word Of Mouth"
Written/sung by Fred LeBlanc
F#=244322  A=577655  B=x24442  D=x57775  C#=x46664

Main riff (repeated throughout song)
(hold hand in F# chord arrangement, lift 3rd finger for 4th note)

(riff X2 over each line)
Got no reason for the things I fear
the things that plague me when I see and hear
a dime's a nickel and a nickel's none
I throw myself into the Sunday sun

(riff X2, with F#, A in the background)
Summer Sunday when you went insane
You said you're going but I said I came
I'm throwin oranges in an apple cart
the ties that bind are tearin me apart

F#    A     B            D
Jenny says, turn off the radio
F#    A     B            C#
Jenny says, turn off the light
F#    A     B            D
Jenny says, turn off the video
A 			 C#
You beat yourself up, to bring yourself down
       F#         A	     F#      A
Let it go, let it go, let it go
       F#         A          F#      A
Let it go, let it go, let it go
	 D		 C#		     (F# into riff)
When the world is coming down on me I let it go

("F# into riff" means the F# chord is played in place of the first
 note of the riff)


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