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группа Cowboy Junkies, Аккорды песни Murder Tonight In The Trailer Park

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Группа: Cowboy Junkies - другие аккорды (13)
Аккорды песни: Murder Tonight In The Trailer Park
Просмотров: 2407

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Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 12:35:41 -0700
From: Brent Wood 
Subject: c/cowboy_junkies/murder_tonight_in_the_trailer_park.crd


written by M. Timmins and The Cowboy Junkies,
from the album Black Eyed Man (1992)
submitted and transcribed in May 1998
by Brent Wood, bwood@artcenter.edu

A		              G
Murder tonight in the trailer park.
Mrs. Annabelle Evans found
with her throat cut after dark.
Her pockets turned inside out
her dresser drawers turned upside down.
Anna's neighbor, Peg, identifies the body
E			  B     E
lets out a hollow kind of sound.

E	    A
Homicide is tying yellow ribbons
E	             A
around her silver Airstream.
E	     A
Red cherries slashing up the night
B		     A	            E
cutting through that cordoned crime scene.
A	       G			   E
There's been a murder in the trailer park tonight.

A			      G
Murder tonight in the trailer park.
Pack your things, Ann Marie, we're heading
west, we're gonna make a fresh start.
I've been saving pennies,
been looking forward to this day.
No time for questions, are you coming
E		 B     E
or are you gonna stay?

E		   A
Crosstown at the Waterton
E				 A
George Evans is sitting tall and tight,
E			  A
buying drinks for all the regulars
B			A		     E
bragging about how them bones danced for him tonight.
A	       G			  E
There's been a murder in the trailer park tonight.

A		              G
Murder tonight in the trailer park.
Faceless man counting crumpled bills,
hotel neon fights the dark.
A				      G
TV set in the corner, they're talking murder on the late-night news.
He turns down the sound, waits for the sports.
E		       B		  E
He only wants to know "did I win or did I lose?"

E	       A		     E		  A
There's been a murder in the trailer park tonight.
E       A	       E
Murder in the trailer park.

The song sounds right except for the first B (and its repetitions), which I
think sounds a little off.  It must be some B variation.  If you can
correct me, I can go to my grave happy.

Brent Wood


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