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группа Cracker, Аккорды песни Kerosene Hat

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Группа: Cracker - другие аккорды (21)
Аккорды песни: Kerosene Hat
Просмотров: 1603

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From: vetters@vax1.elon.edu (Steve Vetter)

This Needs some help I'm afraid, but it's a start...

Kerosene Hat - Cracker
Tabbed by Steve Vetter [vetters@vax1.elon.edu]

C                        G
How can I fly with these old donkey wings
while the magfire [?] sings 
some shiny song
C                   G
old cornface row of teeth she says sweetly to me
in the elevator

Em         D            C
Everything seems like a dream
Life's a scream

Here come old kerosene hat with his earflaps waxed
a'courting his girl
come clattering in here on your old cloven skates
with the devilish spoon [?]

Everything seems like a dream
And life's a scream
when you're submarine

[anyone got the solo?]

So don't you bother me death with your leathery ways
and your old chaise lounge
a wickerman's [?] fence of leathery tires
and the cooks gone bad, started several fires

Everything seems like a dream
when your submarine

Head like a stream, she says softly to me
from the rattling chair
bring me a steak and my old pair of crows
my medicine lamp

Everything seems like a dream
Life's a scream

[some whispered stuff I can't make out]

  I  Steve Vetter                    I  I'm not the same                    I
  I  vetters@vax1.elon.edu           I   As I was long ago                  I
  I  Elon College                    I  I've learned some new things        I
  I  Love School of Business         I   And I hope that it shows...        I
  I  Alpha Kappa Psi                 I      - Neil Young                    I


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