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группа Country Joe And The Fish, Аккорды песни Who Am I

Группа: Country Joe And The Fish - другие аккорды (4)
Аккорды песни: Who Am I
Просмотров: 1845

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Date: Sat, 13 Jul 1996 16:10:06 -0700
Message-Id: <199607132310.QAA13462@dfw-ix9.ix.netcom.com>
From: korman3@ix.netcom.com (Lawrence Michael Korman)
Subject: Re: Country Joe & The Fish - Who am I

	WHO AM I - Country Joe and the Fish

  C    G   C               G          D7    
Who am I     to stand and wonder, to wait
 C                     G            C             G 
  While the wheels of fate slowly grind my life away
 C       G
  Who am I

  (G)                          C
There were some things that I loved one time
          G                 C
But the dreams are gone I thought were mine
         G                C
And the hidden tears that once did fall
     G                   C
Now burn inside at the thought of all 
     G                   C
The years of waste, the years of cryin'
     G             C
The passions of a heart so blind
     G             C
To think that, but even still
       G                   C
As I stand exposed to the feelings I felt
        G   C        D7           G          
And I cried into the echoes of my loneliness


What a nothing I've made of life
The empty words, the coward's plight
To be pushed and passed from hand to hand
Never daring to speak never daring to stand
And the emptiness in my family's eye
Reminds me over and over of lies 
And promises and deeds undone
And now again I have to run
But now there is nowhere to run to


Now my friend we meet again
And we shall see which one will bend
Under the strain of death's golden eyes
Which one of us will win the prize 
To live - and which one will die
'Tis I my friend, yes 'tis I
Will kill to live again and again
Clutch the throat of sweet revenge
For life is here only for the taking


I hope these lyrics are correct.  I got the chords from Barry Melton, one of the Fish, in our short e-mail correspondence.  If anyone out there has chords or tabs for Rock Coast Blues, I would be eternally grateful.

Danny Korman


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