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группа Connells, Аккорды песни 74 75

Группа: Connells - другие аккорды (9)
Аккорды песни: 74 75
Просмотров: 2493

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From: d1hjalle@dtek.chalmers.se (Tomas Rendalen)
Subject: CRD: 74'-75' by The Connells

Okay, I requesteded this a few days ago. But I couldn't wait so I
tried to make it myself. Therefor I'm sure something's wrong. So
all corrections and comments are welcome!

#From: d1hjalle@dtek.chalmers.se
{st: The Connells}
#From the album "Ring"

[Am]Got no [C]reason for [F]coming to me and the [C]rain running [Am]down
There's no [C]reason   [G]
[Am]And the [C]same voice [F]coming to me like it's [C]all slowin' [Am]down
And bel[C]ieve me   [G]

I was the [Am]one who let you [C]know
I was your [G]sorry-ever-[F]after. '7[Am]4-'7[C]5   [G]

[Am]It's not [C]easy, [F]nothing to say 'cause it's [C]already [Am]said
It's never [C]easy.   [G]
When I [C]look on your [F]eyes then I [C]find that [G]I'll do [Am]fine.
When I [C]look on your [F]eyes then I do [G]better.

I was the [Am]one who let you [C]know
I was your [G]sorry-ever-[F]after. '7[Am]4-'7[C]5   [G]
Giving me [Am]more and I'll [C]defy
'Cause you're [G]really only [F]after '7[Am]4-'7[C]5   [G]


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