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группа Circle Jerks, Аккорды песни When The Shit Hits The Fan.lyr

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Аккорды песни: When The Shit Hits The Fan.lyr
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From: heil@bscr.uga.edu
Subject: LYR: Circle Jerks

Oh boy, here we go.  This is kind of embarassing - even stranger than the
requests for this is the fact that I own the album...  Anyway, I figured
I would post this, since I'm too lazy to send 2 separate emails, and this
way anyone else who is too shy to admit they want this can just read
anonymously.  I don't know the chords - given the song, I don't think they
are too important - any should do...


                      - Darci

Circle Jerks - from Golden Shower of Hits

In a sluggish economy
inflation, recession
hits the land of the free
standing in unemployment lines
blame the government
for hard times

we just get by
however we can
we all gotta duck
when the shit hits the fan

10 kids in a cadillac
stand in lines for welfare checks
let's all leach off the state
gee!  the money is really great!

soup lines
free loaves of bread
5 lb blocks of cheese
bags of groceries
social security 
has run out on you and me
we do whatever we can
gotta duck when the shit hits the fan

(as copied from the album sleeve - so they are accurate...)

 - D.


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