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группа Cinderella, Аккорды песни Heartbreak Station

Группа: Cinderella - другие аккорды (5),   диски (4)
Аккорды песни: Heartbreak Station
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   I'm not going to tab this song since all the chords are in first
position and you can find all these chords in your Mel Bay books.

Heartbreak Station

Intro G (a b) C (b a) D C G/B
Verse G D e D C D G D
First Chorus e C G D e C G D e C
Repeat Intro
Second Chorus e C G D E C G D e C D
Bridge b G D 
Solo over Chorus
     That should have it.  (a b) and (b a) indicate walk ups
i. e. single notes to join two chords there is also a little hammer on
thing at the end of the Intro but I don't usually play that as on the
  (a b) 5th string open to 5th string 2nd fret.
  (b a) the reverse of (a b).
    I did this just sitting in my bedroom with my guitar as I don't
have the recording so if I have left anything out drop me a line at:
jwross@umaxc.weeg.uiowa.edu and I'll help you out, in fact if there is
anything about the guitar that you wanna chat about drop me a line.
    I don't have a lyricist for my current band and we are in need of
original tunes so any of you out there who would be interested in
submitting songs or lyrics that I will turn into songs please drop me
a line.  We are a hard edge acoustic kinda thing.  In the style of:
Indigo girls, Linda Ronstadt, Melissa Etheridge. 


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