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группа Cheap Trick, Аккорды песни Just Got Back

Группа: Cheap Trick - другие аккорды (43)
Аккорды песни: Just Got Back
Просмотров: 1670

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Date: Wed, 20 Dec 1995 20:26:07 -0500 (EST)
From: Glen Norman Pavan 

artist:  Cheap Trick
title:  Just Got Back
album:  All Shook Up
tuning:  standard

Well I just got back been gone too long
Wasn't my idea didn't pull the trigger
oh oh no no ha ha ha but I'm just so glad
I'm just so glad to be back home yeah

D  A

E                  B
Just got back been long long time
wasn't my idea didn't point no finger
C#                    F#               B
oh oh no no ha ha ha But I'm just so glad
F#            B                   D    A    E
I'm just so glad to be back home  yeah

A                   B                  C        D#
you run the risk of falling with some solitary Sam
E               F#            G          A
I've sailed the seven sins a poly future plan
A       B             C              D#
A Paul calypso isn't really what he seems
E            F#                 G                A
This ain't committee art but my god this ain't a dream

third verse
I just got back
Been asleep too long
Wasn't my idea what the doctor figured 
all along ong ong ong
I'm just so glad
I'm just so glad 
to be back home

outro:  D A E repeated as needed

questions comments to senomar@bach.udel.edu
                             -I'm here I'm queer I play 5-string bass


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