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группа Chapman Tracy, Аккорды песни For My Lover

Группа: Chapman Tracy - другие аккорды (35)
Аккорды песни: For My Lover
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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
From: ihateuw@u.washington.edu (David Wong)

	For My Lover:
	I use "^" for hammer-on, and the "d" and "u" to indicate downaward and  
upward strums.  Here's the intro:
      Em              G                D           Cmaj7
      d   u           d   u            d   u   d   u
	The intro is repeated, and then:

Em                G
Two weeks in a Virginia jail
D              A
For my lover, for my lover.
Em              G
Twenty thousand dollar bail
D             A
For my lover, for my lover.---
And everybody thinks
A(add9) (x02420)
I'm the fool.
They don't get---any
love from you.
Things we won't do for love---
I'd climb a mountain if I had to,
risk my life so I could have you---
you- you- you- you...
Cmaj7 (x32000) 
you- you -you -you -you.

	Repeat this progression with these lyrics:

Everyday I'm psychoanalyzed
for my lover, for my lover.
Dope me up and I tell them lies
for my lover, for my lover.---
And everybody thinks... etc.

	Stay on the Cmaj7 the second time through an extra measure, for:
    I follow my heart
    and leave my head to ponder
    deep in this love--- no
man can shake.
	Keep with these chord changes for the rmaining lyrics:
I follow my heart
and leave my mind to wonder,
is this love worth- the sacri-
fices I make?

	Now repeat the from the "Two weeks in a Virginia jail" verse.

	The chords used in this are Bm (x24432), G (320003), A (x02220),  
D(add9) (xx0230), and A(add9) (x02420).  The intro is merely alternating  
between Bm and G, and adding hammers-on.  In the case of the Bm hammer-on the  
three fingers other than the one barring at the second fret.  With the G hammer  
on the pointer finger.  After that:
Why do the babies starve, there's enough food to feed the world?
G                                         A
Why, when there's so many of us are there people still alone?
Why are the missiles called peacekeepers, when they're aimed to kill?
G                             A
Why is a woman still not safe when she's in her home?
   Love is hate
   war is peace,
   no is yes,-
   we're all free.---- But, some-
body's gonna have to answer, the time is coming soon. Amidst
all these questions and contradictions there're 
some who seek the truth.  Tell me...
Then repeat.

	She's Got Her Ticket:
	Chords are C, G and Am.

	Mountains O' Things
	Chords in this one are Am, Dm, F and G.

	All That You Have Is Your Soul:

	Basic fingerpicking pattern embellished with hammers-on, changing  
between A, E, D, and D(add9) (xx0230).  I think that she might play this capoed  
at the fifth fret, but am not sure.  The version I do is without a capo.  
Hammer-on a "d" on the A chord pattern, a "c" on the E, a "g" on the D, and a  
"d" on the D(add9).

	Coming next: April Come She Will by Simon & Garfunkel.

    #                                 LEWIS CARROLL 1832-1898
    ##    __________________________  
    # #  |                          | He thought he saw a Rattlesnake
    #	 | David V. Wong            |       That questioned him in Greek,
    #    | ihateuw@u.washington.edu | He looked again and found it was 
    #    | University of Washington |       The Middle of Next Week.
  ###    | Seattle, USA             | `The one thing I regret,' he said,
 #### 	 |__________________________|       `Is that it cannot speak!'


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