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группа Chapman Tracy, Аккорды песни Born To Fight

Группа: Chapman Tracy - другие аккорды (35)
Аккорды песни: Born To Fight
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Born To Fight by Tracy Chapman

E---0-------------   repeat 4 times
  D E
  ^^^ actually the bass plays the D and E but they can be
      "simulated" with this guitar picking.

                           E            B7
         They're tryin' to take away my pride,
         C7                      A7
         by stripping me of everything I own
         E                           B7
         They're tryin' to hurt me inside
         C7              A7
         and make into a white man's drone
         C7        B7                     E
         Oh no, oh no  this one's not for sale

         C7 B7        E
            And I was born to fight
         I ain't been knocked down yet,
         I was born to fight
         tell you I'm the surest bet,
                        C7                A7
         there ain't no man, no woman, no beast alive
                  B7                         E
         that can beat me 'cause I'm born to fight

         They're tryin' to dig into my soul,
         and take away the spirit of my God
         They're tryin' to take control
         and monitor my every thought
         Oh no, oh no  I won't let down my guard

         And I was ...



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