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группа Bogguss Suzy, Аккорды песни Hey Cinderella

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Группа: Bogguss Suzy - другие аккорды (13)
Аккорды песни: Hey Cinderella
Просмотров: 2235

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Subject: CRD: "Hey Cinderella" (Suzy Bogguss)
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Maybe one of these days I'll transcribe "Just Like the Weather," "Diamonds
and Tears," and "Souvenirs" too...

Please let me know if you find any mistakes.

HEY CINDERELLA (Suzy Bogguss, Matraca Berg, Gary Harrison)
[Actually in Bb; capo 3.  Each chord is half a measure.]

G5   Gsus4   G5   Gsus4   C    C   G5   Gsus4

     G5                   G5
We believed in fairy tales that day
Gsus4                    Gsus4
  I watched your father give you away
Em                           Em
  Your aim was true when the pink bouquet
       D              C
  Fell right into my hands

G5                           G5
  We danced for hours and we drank champagne
Gsus4                             Gsus4
  You screamed and laughed when I got up and sang
        Em                  Em
And then you rode away in a white Mustang
        D              C
To your castle in the sand

D                           D
  Through the years and the kids and the jobs
        C                       C
And the dreams that lost their way
Am              F
  Do you ever stop and wonder
C                 D
  Do you ever just wanna say

     Em        C                  G         G
Hey hey, Cinderella, what's the story all about
Em               C                   D               C
  I got a funny feeling we missed a page or two somehow
      Em         C           G                  Em
Ohh-ohhhh, Cinderella, maybe you could help us out
           C   D [stop]         G5  Gsus4  G5  Gsus4
Does the shoe          fit you now

We're older but no more the wise
We've learned the art of compromise
Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry
And sometimes we just break down

We're good now 'cause we have to be
Come to terms with our vanity
Sometimes we still curse gravity
When no one is around

Yeah, our dolls gather dust in the corner of the attic
And bicycles rust in the rain
Still we walk in that fabled shadow
Sometimes we call her name

Hey hey, Cinderella, what's the story all about
I got a funny feeling we missed a page or two somehow
Ohh-ohhhh, Cinderella, maybe you could help us out
           C   D [cresc.]
Does the shoe           fit you now
Em         C            G                  Em
Hey! Cinderella, maybe you could help us out
           C   D [stop]         G5  Gsus4
Does the shoe          fit you now      
         G5      Gsus4        G5          Gsus4
Fit you now, Ohh-ohhhh, Cinderella (Cinderella) Does it fit you now?
G5  Gsus4         G5       Gsus4      G5    Gsus4        G5           Gsus4
       Cinderella   (Cinderella)  Ohh-ohhh-ohhhh   Cinderella  (Cinderella)
G5  Gsus4          G5            Gsus4
          Hey Cinderella (Cinderella)
G5  Gsus4
[repeat and fade]

Adam Schneider               indigo@ucscb.ucsc.edu              U.C. Santa Cruz
              Mail me if you want guitar chords for Indigo Girls,
                 Mary-Chapin Carpenter, Lucinda Williams, etc.


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