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группа Blue Aeroplanes, Аккорды песни Careful Boy

Группа: Blue Aeroplanes - другие аккорды (7)
Аккорды песни: Careful Boy
Просмотров: 2234

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From: Sagi Assaf 

Chords for : The Blue Aeroplanes - Careful Boy

Starting notes are : c d e
Then the chords are : C F G C F G C F G C F G
		      Am G Am G
Verse :
G                  F                            G
   Looking at this world I've made I don't feel there's
Much good in feeling proud today
G                             F                      G
   And when I think of how we talked, how we started out
I feel a little bit less inside
G                  F                             G
   Looking at this careful mess, looking at this room
Nothing ever seems to change
G                   F
Oh, looking at your photograph
                   G                                  F
Things were better then, things were all so different then.
You can kick me, you can punch me
You can say I speak the truth
Am                          F                 G
You will never, never ever, find out where it hurts.

(same chords)
Oh we were young and free
We had things they, they couldn't even dream about
The fields were the greatest things I ever, ever saw and more
I ever saw in this whole world
All dressed up and no place to go
Always somewhere we can't go
You and I just sat down there
All we did was sit down there.

Chorus :
    C F G                 C
And why, never saw, never knew ?
F   G                   C
Why, didn't you, didn't you ?
F   G                 C
Why, never saw, never knew ?
F  G
Why ?

Am G Am G

(same chords)
The lorries that drive by now keep me awake
They've kept me awake for far too long
Long distance travel wears me out
Long distance travel tires me
Their sound is a sound I know too well
Every day gets a little longer
Talk talk talk and talk some more
You and I just sat down there
All we did was sit down there.

And why, never saw, never knew ?
Why, didn't me, didn't you ?
Why, never saw, never knew ?
Why ?

Am G Am G
G F G F (to fade)...

- Transcribed by Assaf Sagi, 30/9/94 -


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