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группа Bleach, Аккорды песни Cold And Turning Blue

Группа: Bleach - другие аккорды (2)
Аккорды песни: Cold And Turning Blue
Просмотров: 1984

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From: Scmswheart 
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 1998 00:45:33 EST
Subject: TAB:'Cold and Turning Blue' by 'Bleach'

the song: "Cold and Turning Blue"
performed by: "Bleach"
from the album: "Space"
written by: "Bleach"
tabbed by: Billy Sterling, Lockport IL -(scmswheart@aol.com)
(C) 1996 "The ForeFront Communications Group Inc."

A          G            E                                      F
Cheesy moon boy, throw your space rocks all around
A              G                  E                             F
Your friend, balloon boy, is tangled, can't get unwound
A            G       E                                F
You find it funny, meanwhile he squirms around
A                G            E                              F         G-A
He struggles, strangles, your friend the funny clown

C                  D                     E          F      G-A   G-A
Can't you see, they're cold and turning blue
C                  D                     E          F      G-A   G-A
Can't you see, they're cold and turning blue

Galactic dust girl, surfs her wave of mirth

Has no regard for, things back here on Earth

They fell all around as she flew along

Right on her merry way, just flying right along



(Chorus) 2x

Tabbed by William R. J. Sterling VIII~(Billy) 


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