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группа Beau Brummels, Аккорды песни Dont Talk To Strangers

Группа: Beau Brummels - другие аккорды (7)
Аккорды песни: Dont Talk To Strangers
Просмотров: 1721

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From: rogers@hi.com (Andrew Rogers)
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 1996 00:15:08 -0500
Subject: ./b/beau_brummels/dont_talk_to_strangers.crd

                        "Don't Go To Strangers"
                      (Ron Elliot - Robert Durand)


	rhythm guitar [6X; first 2X alone]:

	D8 [xx07xx]
	/ / / /  / / / /

	electric 12-string (quintessential 1965 folk-rock riff borrowed
	  from the Byrds' "The Bells Of Rhymney)

	[2X; continues w/variations into verses]
	 v   v   v   v     v   v   v   v

Verse 1:

	 D            F   Am     D
	Follow your lone beaten path
	 D            F   Am        D
	Wander where you can't be grabbed
	A              Bm
	  Be aware of hidden dangers
	A               Bm  E            A
	  And don't you go talkin' to strangers
	 D [w/12-string riff, 2X]

	Travel on the midnight road
	Ramble where the winds don't blow
	Be aware of hidden dangers
	And don't you dare go unto strangers

	D                A        D
	In these raging days and nights
	 G     F#          G        F#
	Look upon what's black and white
	A               G                A
	  And don't you go talkin' to strangers

Verse 3:

	Take leave of what's behind you
	Go where no-one will find you
	Be aware of hidden dangers
	And don't you go runnin' to strangers


	 D [w/12-string riff, 2X]

	 D [w/12-string riff, 1X; end cold on D]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers


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