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группа Beamer Brothers, Аккорды песни Honolulu City Lights

Группа: Beamer Brothers - другие аккорды (2)
Аккорды песни: Honolulu City Lights
Просмотров: 1105

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From: jw@brown.edu (JW)

Honolulu City Lights-The Beamer Brothers

C                    G
Looking out upon the city lights,
Bb                      F
and the stars above the ocean,
Ab                    C        Am
got my ticket for the midnight plane,
             F   G7          C
and it's not easy to leave again.

C                           G
Took my clothes and put them in my bag,
Bb                             F
tried not to think just yet of leaving.
Ab                   C      Am
Looking out into the city lights,
             F   G7          C
and it's not easy to leave again.


F     G7      C         F
Each time Honolulu city lights,
Am7                  G7
stir  up memories in me.
F     G7      C         F
Each time Honolulu city lights,
G7                  C
will bring me back again.

Eb                C
You are my island sunset,
Eb                      C
and you are my island breeze.

C                           G
Put on my shoes and light a cigarette,
Bb                                 F
wondering which of my friends will be there.
Ab                       C         Am
Standing with their leis around my neck,
         F   G7          C
it's not easy to leave again.


-Sent by JW-


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