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группа Electric Light Orchestra, Аккорды песни One More Tomorrow

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Аккорды песни: One More Tomorrow
Просмотров: 1128
Подобрал: Squire (cailinsquires@yahoo.ie)

One More Tomorrow 

C                          H
I'm lying here, I know the night must fall
    Bb                       A
The edge of darkness is so near
                 Dm                   Fm
So hold back the night, hold back the night
         Fm                C   G
It's the darkness that I fear

And in my heart there's not a shadow of a doubt
The final truth waits there fore me
Nowhere to hide, nowhere to hide
From the memories

        C   C/H    Em
Give me one more tomorrow
              G  Asus4
All these todays alone
Dm            G
Mean nothing anymore
Give me one more tomorrow

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Another chance to find What I've been searching for Inner voices in the quiet of the night Angry silence calls to me There's no time for tears, no time for tears Find a way to break free CHORUS Am F Dm I'm praying for a little piece of heaven tonight F I'm searching for some help from a friend A F And all I need is a miracle Dm F G To help me through this night that never ends, it never ends CHORUS TWICE

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