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группа Electric Light Orchestra, Аккорды песни On The Run

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Аккорды песни: On The Run
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Подобрал: Squire (cailinsquires@yahoo.ie)

On The Run 
C             C/Hm                 Am
Whatever I do,where-ever I go,the same afterglow
     G         F           C
Is keepin' me low,don't wanna lose it,
     Dm                       G
But don't wanna stay here too long.
They see you go by,I tell you no lie,
You're up in the sky,make everyone cry,
Don't wanna lose it,but don't wanna stay around here.
Dm             G     Dm  G
I'm on the run again  :
          Em7                        A7

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But it's like what they say when it happens this way Dm F C G You gotta do it again and again. I hear them talkin' and they go on and on,they think that Nothing is wrong,and so they just carry on about you, Don't wanna lose it,but I gotta move out of here. I see them waiting there for most of the day,I known You asked them to stay but they just won't go away. Don't wanna lose it,but I gotta do it again. Repeat Chorus I know it ain't real,but when you are near, You're saying the things that I wanna hear. Don't wanna lose it,but I gotta do it again. Repeat Chorus

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