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группа Electric Light Orchestra, Аккорды песни Dreaming Of 4000

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Аккорды песни: Dreaming Of 4000
Просмотров: 949
Подобрал: Squire (cailinsquires@yahoo.ie)

Dreaming of 4000 

Saviour of the night came slowly on the silent river
And the lord of life came following, his sins to be forgiven
While the world sat back and laughed away the hours
                         Am       E
Till the dawning of the daybreak
I heard them laugh I heard them cry
I saw them praying to the sky
I heard the wind howl in the trees
Down there on bended knee
And I see the light
                     C       E
But I know I must be dreaming
F              Em
Feel the soul, quiet emotion
F             Em
Sail on by, helpless devotion
F                Em        F         Em

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If that's how it feels, it better be real G Em Take care of your woman C G Em Or you'll never ever see the light G Em Take heed of the warnin' C Am Hm E Am Hm E Am Or you know it's gonna be too late Here, There, Everywhere They keep on movin' without fear They look me up, they look me down They press my body to the ground But I see the light, see the light it's comin' shinin' And on a Summers day When thoughts are drifting far away And life is good and real to see My world is saved and I am free But in the night Still I know I must be dreaming

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